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Ekskluzivni smo uvoznik i distributer brendova

About us

Amex doo was founded in 2002 and is one of the leading distributors of products for the HoReCa industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our primary business is the import and distribution of"MarCafe" espresso coffee, in addition to import and distribution of "Nectar of Nature" and "Dolcezza".

By mentioned in the wider region of Sarajevo, we also distribute other drinks products  (all kinds of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages).

Our logistics center is located in Sarajevo.

With the distribution of products "MarCafe", "Nectar of Nature" and "Dolcezza" We are represented in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Amex doo sells and distributes high-quality branded products for HoReCa channel. Our partners and clients with added value by recognizing their needs and exceed their expectations.

We offer our employees a fair working environment, continuous education and professional training is available. We conduct our business activities in order to satisfy the interests of our principals and owners. We strive to be the preferred choice of the principal for sales and distribution in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Meet the needs of markets and customers in a modern and effective way.


Become the primary choice for high standards in the distribution, productivity and Innovation entire business;


Achieve leadership and keep the current position in the minds of customers and consumers to monitor and improve workflow in order to achieve standards of similar firms in the European market;
focus on the development of employees through the local application of international know-how, continuous training and checking on the local market.


Distribution of goods for food and beverages is our main business. Our business partners we offer a complete service, which includes import, customs clearance, sales, billing, shipping, and promotional support.