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Nektar Natura, for your good health!

About Nektar Natura

Amex doo is general importer and distributer of barnd Nektar Natura. Amex doo is a provider of natural non-alcoholic beverages and dispensing systems ( Nektar Natura)  in the HORECA segments.

We are small enough to provide custom-made dispensing solutions for our clients and big enough to be trusted by the biggest hotel systems. Check out our references »

The quality of our natural juices and soft drinks is what will convince you that we have a great sense of taste and the best recipes for mixing. Taste our drinks »

The reliability and flexibility of the dispensing systems that meet all of the hygiene standards is what will convince you that we have the knowledge and the right products. See the range of our dispensers »

Optimal supply and 24/7 support from our service team, no matter where you are, is what will convince you that we can help you whenever you need us. Contact our staff »

Being big is not necessarily the strongest quality; being adaptable is. Therefore, our solutions are not uniform, but tailored to each market and segment – yours too.

Generic solutions don’t fit your needs? We can develop special flavour juices based on your environment, your culture and your guests, who are the most important.

HACCP high standards of hygiene is not just a decoration on the wall. For us it is the basic principle on which we help you to keep your guests satisfied so they come back the next season.

We believe you need nothing less than a 24/7 reliable working system. That is why we take responsibility for the dispensing system and the quality of drinks poured for your guests.


Amex doo ensures optimal supply of non-alcoholic beverages  (Nektar Natura) by our business partners in the HORECA segments that provide for the highest possible added value.

Our innovative dispensing solutions, which are fully adjusted to our customer needs and their guests, and our highly reliable service, provide a maximum use of space and resources, which are intended for pouring drinks.

The quality fruit juices, drinks and carbonated beverages refresh our partners’ guests and thus fully meet their needs.


Premium beverages and dispensing solutions for the most demanding guests, tailored to your type of hotelBreakfast, All inclusive, Lobby/Cocktail bar, Wellness/Spa, Congress

Fitness club
Club refreshing and healthy regeneration drinks at the fitness bar or self-service dispenser – that’s what people need after their sports activities at fitness clubs.

Disco & Bar & Casino
Let the party go on, no matter how many drinks your barman has to mix&pour. For alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Mobile dispensing systems for efficient serving of multiple beverages in one place – suitable for the organisation of big events.

Let your guests help themselves to their favourie juice or carbonated beverage with a user-friendly way of self-service and free-refills.

Cafeteria (schools, hospitals, army bases)
Fast & efficient way to serve large amounts of beverages in no time at school and hospital.



100% natural fruit juice with no sugar added. Nothing less.

Sparkling or fresh,
bubbles or not?

Tea for two
and two for tea.

Sport drink
Veni, vidi, vici!

Your daily dose
of sparkling energy!

They trust us because we provide field service 24/7; fresh natural juices
of the highest quality and top quality dispensing solutions.
Full solution for less effort and lower operating costs